May 28


Senior Surveys

Congratulations!  All of the seniors have now chosen where you will be spending the next four years of your lives—or at least where you will be next fall! The key word is “chosen.” A choice is a positive decision and requires no explanation or intellectual alibi. The colleges that chose you see you for who you are and wanted to have you as part of their community; they saw that you would take advantage of all they have to offer and that you would contribute to them in return. Making your choice, you recognized that, and you saw that you would grow and thrive there.   Now it’s time to celebrate yourself and your future! Your task is to see how your college can help you to become more of who you are—your best self.

While you are celebrating, don’t forget to thank the people that helped you along the way, especially your teachers and others who wrote you letters of recommendation. They put a lot of time, effort and especially heart into them, and the admissions people always stress how much they rely on that information. Thank them for preparing you so well for the future. It is not by accident that you were considered to be a worthy addition to the college you will be attending!

While we congratulate each of you personally, we also need to collect data about your future plans for the Roeper’s school records and profile. We will be sending you a survey via your Roeper email. Please it fill out this week. This will include the college decisions, your decision, and any awards, scholarships and financial aid you have been offered even if you are not accepting that offer.   This information will be published in the Class of 2014 Edition of Roeper’s “Keep in Touch” magazine. By completing this survey, you are helping to make Roeper a better school for students in the future while at the same time celebrating your successes!

Once your complete your survey, we will clear your final transcript to be sent to your college destination upon graduation. As you may know, you will not be allowed to enroll in fall classes until your final transcript has been received.

You can go to the following link now to complete your survey!

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