Nov 12


Roeper Students Represent Beyond Our Walls

In the last week two seniors, Nadia Salman and Dylan Bennett, were highlighted in the press.

Nadia has a weekly column in USA Today.  This week she wrote about Roeper spirit!!  Thank you Nadia for acknowledging one of the elements that makes this place so special.  “Small School, big Spirit”

Dylan has been actively involved in Detroit politics for years.  He worked on Mike Duggan’s campaign as a part of his staff so when it came time for Mr Duggan to give his acceptance speech Dylan was on the stage!!  You’ll see him @ 14:50 of the tape.

A core tenet of our philosophy is “…to allow children to participate in the shaping of their own destiny and to consciously prepare them for it.”  Sometimes I’m asked if our seniors are ready for the “real world.”  These students are not simply ready… they are shaping it!

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