Nov 19


Roeper Philosophy Still Strong in American Government Class

volunteerFun Roeper History Fact: Social Studies teacher, Mike Ruddy, introduced a service component  for the Roeper American Government course in about 1982 when he first started teaching the class.

Now, in 2018, that service project is still a required part of the course. This semester, the two sections are being taught by social studies teacher Matt Vallus and HOS David Feldman. Each year since 1982, students have been required to volunteer at least twelve hours to a government related project such as the campaign for a political candidate or other political or governmental organizations.

This experience realizes one of the five core philosophical tenets of our school: “to be willing to allow children to participate in the shaping of their own destiny and to consciously prepare them for it”. It introduces to students the idea that through their volunteer action they have the power to go out and make a difference for themselves and to their world.


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