Sep 24


Roeper Chess Team Results

The Roeper Chess Team (comprised of Lower and Middle School students) competed in the Thinkers Challenge held at Wayne County Community College on Saturday, September 21.

Coach, Diallo Smith, shared the following:

We had a lot of kids who were participating for the first time and I salute all of them.  Whether they one a match our not the fact that they were able to get out here and compete says a lot about their courage and resiliency.

We did have some good results:

Avery Long 1st Place – Under 900 division
Trevion Ross 3rd place – Grades 4-6 Division
Steven Rapheal 5th place – Grades 4-6 Division
Harrison Klee 5th place – Grades 4-6 Division

For Steven and Harrison it was there first tournament! We also had several students who won 3 of 4 matches.

Congrats to all LS players and LS alumni Avery and Steven.

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