Oct 08


Roeper at Dutch LMUNA


Nine Roeper US students participated at the 400 person Lorentz Model UN, in Arnhem, Netherlands, with the conference theme, “Our Oceans, Our Responsibility.” Schools from Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Roeper represented over 100 nations, with Roeper representing Mozambique, Madagascar, Djibouti, Burkina Faso, Luxembourg and Finland.

Roeper students were on 4 committees: Environmental, Human Rights, UNESCO, and Reformed Security Council. Roeper delegates earned an Honorable Mention on each committee, respectively Richard Li, Caleb Bartes, Hannah Wise, and Alex Calderwood.

Other participating Roeper students were Emma Girolami, Annelise Ivanescu, Kayla Park, Jimmy Giftos, and Matteo Papadopoulos.  Following the conference, Roeper students are participating in day trips to Amsterdam and Rotterdam to study Dutch history, environment, and water management.  Roeper’s Advisors are Matt Vallus and Mike Ruddy.

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