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Mar 17


Roeper 8th Graders Present Mural to DSDT

You might have seen the Fox2 news video on tv showing a group of our 8th graders presenting a photo collage of Detroit to the Detroit School for Digital Technology (DSDT). It was dedicated to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s mother, Joan Duggan, who was instrumental in developing the school. The mural dedication was an unexpected outcome of the 8th grade week-long study of and trips to Detroit in January. The goal of the unit was to build a connection to Detroit by studying, visiting and hearing from people who work there. Roeper alum, Aaron Appel, set up a tour of local community groups near Repair the World, where he works, for the 8th Graders. The Detroit School for Digital Technology was one of the places they learned about. They were then required to present Start Up ideas as part of the school project. One group had the idea of creating murals of positive pictures of Detroit with photos.

Jamie Kothe, owner and CEO of DSDT, heard about the mural idea and asked if she could have one for the school. Clyde Granzeier was the student who carried the plan forward. Science teacher, Wendy Mayer, took the students to plan with Ms Kothe two weeks ago.  25 students took pictures of different parts of the city and then they worked for the next week to put the mural together. What an amazing experience! Ttari Hellmer helped the students mount and light the mural which was the first one to hang on DSDT’s wall. Congratulations to all students and teachers!

Here’s an article from the Free Press!

Ms Kothe is in the center of top row.

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