Jun 06


Ribbon Cutting in the Naas Commons!

Yesterday, the entire Middle and Upper School population gathered in the new Naas Commons to celebrate the ribbon cutting and enjoy their new space. Peter Roeper came in to see the new space and participate in the ceremony, a fitting connection between the early history of the school to this transformative creation of a working, gathering and learning space which adds a new dimension to our use of technology. David Feldman and Chair of Board, Buck Baker made some brief remarks. Also on hand were trustee John Sznewajs and campaign chair Donna Silk. Student representatives to the board of trustees, Joe Allen and Lukas Sznewajs were especially happy to share the space with the rest of the school.

Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 11
Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 06

Photo above shows the commons area on the ground floor. The stairway coming from the Libray level can  be seen on the left where the Seniors gathered for the presentation.

Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 23
Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 26

The middle level which extends out from the Library where students can work independently or collaboratively. The photo on the right shows how the window looks into the main building hallway.

Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 28

A great space for yearbook signing

Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 22
Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 15
Roeper Ribbon Cutting 060517 - 13

Lukas and Joe

Photos by Dan Dinnewith

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