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Aug 04


M/US Guide to Obtaining Textbooks


The first thing you need is your child’s schedule to find out which classes they are taking. Then to find out the books required for the courses, you can look at the MBS website to see the lists or there is a master list document of courses and books required.  If the class does not appear on the list, there are no books required for that class. IF your student is in Middle School, but is taking an Upper School class, you will need to look at both the High School and Middle School book lists on the MBS site.

With that information, you can:

  1. purchase them through the the Roeper Online Bookstore (MBS), which is now open. FREE SHIPPING is available from August 14-21.
  2. purchase from your favorite online store – be sure to have the correct titles and ISBNs.
  3. purchase through the online Roeper Family Textbook Swap
  4. attend  RPCs Book Swap on August 10th and 11th.

If you have questions, contact Registrar, Pat Lawrence:


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