May 05


MS & US Kids vs Adults Competition

For thousands of years, people have argued over who is better, kids or adults.

cave painting

Scientists have recently uncovered cave drawings and translated them as such:
Adult: When dodgeball gets invented in 15,000 years, we are going to beat you so badly.
Child: Are you kidding? Your reflexes are shot and you can’t move for more than 20 seconds without running out of breath. You are going down, old man.

We (Sylvia’s and Emery’s 7th grade homeroom) are pleased to announce an evening to settle the questions of who is better and who has bragging rights for the next 15,000 years (or until next year’s competition, whichever comes first).

This event will raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation.

Details: Sunday, May 15, 5:30-7:30 pm in the Birmingham campus gym. There will be floor hockey, a spelling bee, dodge-ball, a trivia contest, nukem, a math competition & a kickball game. Points will be awarded to the winner of each event & a trophy awarded to the overall winning side.

$5 admission for competitors and spectators!
$10 admission + food
Donations gratefully accepted

RSVP and/or questions: Nathan Schechter – please include RSVP in subject line.

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