Sep 27


MS Student Council Elections: Darby Krugel

Student Council Representatives were chosen in the first two weeks of the school year. Darby Krugel, 6th grade, delivered an inspired, rhyming speech to her classmates:

Hi, I’m Darby, and at Roeper this is my third year.
To tell you why I’d make a good class rep is the reason I’m here.
I think that I would be able to represent you well.
I’d listen to your ideas, and at the next meeting , tell!
I’d do my best to make sure our class voice is heard.
From every big idea, down to each tiny word.
I love listening to others, and I am very open-minded.
Even if I don’t agree, I would never be blinded.
I will also have a box of suggestions,
For if a concern is too private to out loud mention.
Lisa and I could find time for class to talk every week.
And any problems you have, the answers we’ll seek!
I hope to be at a student government meeting soon,
Because I’d be so proud to serve Lisa’s homeroom!

Darby will serve as the student council representative to Lisa Bagchi’s homeroom for 2013-2014.

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