May 21


MS French Exchange Program

Au Revoir EFA 2015

At the airport saying Au Revoir

Our ten visitors from from Romily Sur Sein in the southeast suburbs of Paris left their Roeper host families after two weeks of new friendships and amazing experiences. This was the start of what everyone involved hopes will become a lasting relationship. Towela is so thankful to all of the host families for their support of the program. See the list below of all of the things planned for them by our amazing Middle School parents!

Towela is happy to report that a full exchange will be planned for next year. So, not only will we host students from France, but our students will also be able to go there. Towela and Lower School French teacher Sabrina Prevost are already beginning to plan.

Here is the list of things they did with their host families followed by some photos.

  • Detroit Bike Tour with Pam Murray
  • Special visit to the DIA and treated to ice cream by Maya Gorelick’s grandpa
  • Meeting world-class designer Jay Strongwater and lunch at Sak Fifth Avenue thanks to Tara Grekin
  • Tour of the Henry Ford Museum and a Roeper MS baseball game thanks to the Calderwood family
  • Attending an Ann Arbor Folk music festival thanks to Nick Hubbard’s family
  • Niagra Falls with Evelyn Broughton’s family
  • Fish and chips and drooling over luxury cars and bikes with Karen Moss
  • A fencing lesson with world-class competitors and trainers thanks to Lauren Hirsch (Roeper alum/current parent/3 time Olympic champion Ann Marsh Senic and husband Anatolie Senic are coaches there)
  • Cinco de Mayo fiesta at Danielle Hurrt’s home
  • Countless walking trips to Dairymat (maybe their favourite!)
  • Attending the Bar Mitsvah of Seth Katzman
  • “Fourth of July” themed bbq at Alexis Richardson’s home​
  • Carpools EVERYWHERE!
Jay Strongwater EFA photo

With Jay Strongwater at Saks

Some attending their first Bar Mitzvah

Some attending their first Bar Mitsvah

Visitors at the Renaissance Fencing Club

At the Renaissance Fencing Club

Anais and the Broughtons do Niagra

Anais (middle) with the Broughtons at Niagra.


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