Aug 25

Middle School: School Supplies

Dear Roeper Famlies,

I have received a few emails asking “What does my child need for supplies on the first day of school?”

No worries. Students need only to show up the first day of school. If your middle schooler is anxious and wishes to come with something in hand on the first day of school–Tuesday, September 3, 8:00AM–go with paper, pencil/pen, and a folder to collect handouts. There will be students who show up on Tuesday ready with mirror and magnets and perhaps pictures of ¬†One Direction to decorate their lockers.

Teachers will let students know what supplies are needed for class during the first week of school–typically the first day of school–giving ample notice of what is needed for courses in the coming days. For now, keep working to secure textbooks for classes from MBS or Amazon or any used texts warehouse or from past students. Books may be purchased from any vendor but be sure to get the correct edition.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:


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