Sep 13


Meeting For Parents of Chess Players

chess set-clipartHello Chess Parents,

We will be having a parent meeting on Thursday September 20th at 6:00pm in the Bretzlaff Commons (Lower School Campus – Steward Building Lobby) for everyone interested in joining the Roeper Chess Team.

We are trying to gauge the interest for holding practice at the Middle/Upper School on Thursdays. We know once many players transition to the Birmingham campus there are just more after-school activities. PLEASE EMAIL CHESS@ROEPER.ORG IF YOUR PLAYER IN 6TH-12TH GRADE CAN COMMIT TO ATTENDING WEEKLY PRACTICE AT THE BIRMINGHAM CAMPUS.

We are planning to have practice for Lower School students on Mondays starting September 24. Depending on the Middle/Upper school interest we might also have a practice for different levels on Thursdays.

And we are always looking to grow our program! If you know of a player who is in Stage III or above and understands how the pieces move, we’d love to have them check us out. Please have them email me with any questions.

See you next week!
Nicole Weibel

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