Nov 17


Meagan Konst Shares Her Senior Project

Meagan K

My name is Meagan Konst and for my senior project I am working on strengthening relationships in our community, specifically between middle school and high school students. I am accomplishing this by pairing up middle school and high school homerooms and planning monthly activities for them to do together throughout the school year. It is my hope that this project will increase our sense of community within the building, as well as increase comfort for both middle school and high school students to ask each other for help and advice, allowing us to learn from each other more often. This past week, we had our first activity where homerooms split up into groups of 2-4 students and had conversations in the hopes of getting to know each other. These groups then came back together at the end of homeroom to introduce their partner to the larger group, saying their name, grade, and at least one interesting thing that they had learned about them. I hope that this program will continue beyond me and become an integral part of our community. See below for pictures from the first activity.

Meagan Konst has an impressive list of contributions to the Roeper community from her start as a Stage IV, to the present. She has participated actively in our forensics program and in the RTC since Middle School. Meagan has proven herself as a positive and productive leader as class co-president in 9th and 10th grade, having been a representative in Student Government since 6th grade. She now serves as Treasurer of the Upper School Student Government. Meagan has been generous of her time and strong academic skills as a mentor to other students, tutoring both math and science. She plays bass in the Strings group, Jazz Band, Concert Band, and in the Orchestra Pit for some of the past RTC Productions. In her “spare” time, she sings in the small choir. Meagan is the second community minded Roeper student in her family; Sister, Mikayla ’13, organized and led a mentoring group forMiddle School girls for her Senior Project. Thank you Meagan for being a true representative of our philosophy in action! 



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