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Just Visiting…

So much for making plans in the Michigan winter!  Our reps, Terence Brown from MSU, Jessica Fowle from Kalamazoo and Sally Lindsley from U of M are looking forward to meeting you all as soon as we can reschedule!  As soon as we have a substitute date we’ll let you all know!   Keep watching your emails and the Roeper Record!

College Visits over February break?

The second step in the decision making process is “College Awareness,” and many of you may be planning to visit colleges over the February break.

According to a UCLA study (see Fox Business link below), these are the top 5 factors students used for choosing the college they attended:

1—Academic reputation

2—Employment rate of alumni

3—Financial assistance given

4—Cost of attendance

5—Personal campus visit

 Generally these visits include an information session and a campus tour.  Sometimes a personal interview might be offered.  You might also be able to meet with a financial aid officer and/or someone from your desired major.  Remember to call ahead—or set up an appointment through the college web page—and plan to visit no more than two colleges in one day.

If you plan ahead, you can also visit a class or two and even spend the night with a student.  Often students wait until senior year—even after being accepted—for this level of visit, but juniors are welcome to do this.

Probably most crucial is the campus tour.  You can see the facilities, hear about school priorities, and, if you are astute, maybe even get some candid information about the college, beyond the standard admissions spiel.

Below are some good questions to ask your tour guide:

1—What is a typical class like

2—What academic/career resources are available?

3—What is it like to live on campus?

4—Why did you choose this college?

Here are some additional questions you might want to ask:

Also—ACT has published a template to help you compare colleges.

–If you can’t open these links, I have low-tech versions (hard copies) in College Counseling–

These can give you a jump start in how to plan college visits and organize your thoughts—you certainly can come up with your own ideas as well!


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