Jan 28


Junior Conferences!

Junior meetings are coming!

Students have begun bringing in the completed questionnaires, (see Roeper Record, December 17 post) and Bridghette has begun scheduling conferences.  Unexpected snow days have required additional flexibility and additionally, I had been scheduled to attend a college visit in the Western Carolinas for the week of February 2.  However, there are lots of times available this week and the week before the Mid-Winter Break.  We will hold meetings right up to the end of the school year, but don’t procrastinate!  The sooner we get started, the more planning time we have!

Don’t forget to complete the college search and turn it in before we meet.  It also will be helpful for each junior to complete a resume, either before or after our meeting.  I’m glad to discuss and this and look your resumes over!

 Creating the resume

Some people have asked for a template for a high school student Resume.  Generally, this has been my recommendation:

You will begin with personal identification information

There are two basic formats:  By category of activity or by year

By year works best for students with few activities

Generally, students will format by year within a category

 Start by listing everything you can think of, and see what patterns emerge.

Some students will have a separate category for sports, for example, and some may combine sports with other clubs; same with arts or awards.  Awards can be a separate category, or can be put with leadership or activities.  Community service could be its own category, or listed with other extra-c’s.  You will want it to look somewhat balanced.

Within a category, list the years participating.  I recommend creating two documents, and in one of them also listing hours per week, because you will need this for the Common App when you apply to college next fall.

Your resume can also be used for job interviews, scholarship or summer program applications, and you will want to update it as you gather new experience.

For the Common App you will simply transfer this information to the appropriate place in the application.  For non-Common App colleges, the resume may be uploaded directly to an online application, or a hard copy can be sent with the transcript and other materials.

There are several websites with templates that you can use if you create a profile.  Check out

You may be able to open the link to see a couple of sample resumes.  I also have some examples of past student resumes!








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