May 26

George A Roeper Festival of Senior Projects

Birmingham Campus: Acheson Theatre

THURSDAY – MAY 28 – 7:00 PM

Liam Rybicki-Kler An Internship In and Exploration of Biophysical Research

Culmination of a year-long internship at Wayne State University’s physics department, an independent study and summer internship in Biophysics on the study of the muscle fiber, Myosin.

Armani Lee This is Detroit

An exploration of the city of Detroit through the newly mastered art forms of photography and poetry.

Riley Joliet Photography

A photographic journey inspired by an internship with Robert Bruce, photographer and the experience of an OCC Introduction to Film class.

Ethan Rosenberg The Highs and Lows of Teaching Film

Sharing a passion for film by teaching others film theory and how a film is made.

Adam Alpert Not a Word: Creating Music with a Rhythm

Creating an album, from the beats to the lyrics to the artwork. Fifty percent of album profits will go to Stop Hunger Now.

FRIDAY – MAY 29 – 7:00 PM

Kendra Watkins Confusing Ourselves: A Critical Look at Multiracial Identity in Academia, Literature, and Interpersonal Relationships

Exploring mixed race identity as represented in literature and the implications of being mixed race in an academic setting.

Courtney Paige Fox Leaving My Mark

Sharing four years of experience volunteering and running a dance program with the Friendship Circle organization.

Joanne Ogundipe The Detroit Experience: Urban to Suburban Connection

The skills and experience gained through a Bank of America Student Leader program and Focus: HOPE Community Development Internship led to the creation of a class focused on Detroit history, service learning and social justice.

Rachel Keteyian Straight Flexin’

A study of human muscles and a tribute to the athleticism of dancers culminating in a photographic presentation of how dancers’ muscles function.

Julia Eddy Classism Killed the Cat: Writing the Socially Conscious Screenplay

Bringing a short, animated screenplay about a lost feline princess to life to present “sensitive” social issues in a way that is accessible to all age groups.

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