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Fare-thee-well Class of 2015

College Counseling Report to the Roeper Board of Directors, June 2015

The Roeper experience, Class of 2015:

 Witnessing the joy and nostalgia as the seniors gathered together as a class for the last time following the always awesome grand finale of the school year, I was struck by what a diverse yet cohesive group of young people they are. This class proved itself to be accomplished, creative, courageous, and all in all, a group of really nice kids.

College-wise, this class was a college counselor’s dream. Not only did the students really look to their strengths and individual interests and take the steps to apply to a widely diverse yet logical group of colleges, they actually are branching out and attending a widely diverse yet logical group of colleges! Although we probably will never lose the stress and pressure students feel as they go through the college application cycle, these students carried themselves well and trusted in the process. It may have helped that they were not surprised but expecting that colleges were probably going to defer and waitlist more and more students, and it certainly helped that the Common App found a new vendor and the applications themselves were relatively glitch-free. We did have one major challenge in getting in all of the early applications by November 1—and that was a good one: the day our soccer team won the State Championship!

The 42 students in the Class of 2015 sent 238 applications on time to 107 different colleges. They were accepted into 85 different colleges, many of which were multiple acceptances, and everyone who applied got into a great college from their diverse lists—and, as befits their unique class, they are planning to attend 28 different institutions! The Class of 2015 will span the continent from Nova Scotia to California, from Vermont to Arizona, from Chicago to Puerto Rico and really cool places in between. List to follow.

Personal Challenges, Accomplishments and Goals:

 The interest in having Roeper students apply and attend their colleges and universities is evident not only in their acceptances of so many students, but in their reaching out to students and to their college counselor to create interest and awareness, and frankly, to “recruit” our students. Well over 50 colleges and universities made personal visits to Roeper to meet with students. In these times of budget cuts and travel expenses, this is a true tribute to our students, and puts Roeper in a select group of high schools in our area. Additionally, one of the ways colleges and universities “honor” high schools with highly desirable students is to invite the college counselor for a “fly-in” visit to see first-hand what that college has to offer our students. Getting this first-hand look, and probably more significantly, making or enhancing personal connections with college admissions staff makes these visits invaluable. This past school year, I was invited to several counselor fly-in visits, and was able to attend some of them, focusing on schools that I thought would be of unique interest to our students (and that fully funded the visit):

Clemson University, Hillsdale College, Ringling School of Art and Design and New College in Sarasota, NYU in Abu Dhabi, High Point University, Evergreen State College. Additionally I visited colleges in conjunction with the HECA Conference in Portland, OR in June and the NACAC Conference in Indianapolis in September. MSU hosts a fall event with every Michigan public university and U of M hosts a counselor workshop to gain insight into the admissions process, and I attended both of those, as well as informational breakfasts hosted by the Ivy League schools. I participated on the planning committee for the Michigan Association of College Admissions Counseling (MACAC) annual conference, and attended this two-day conference as well. I have also been a charter member of the NACAC Metro Detroit College Fair Committee. Additional conferences include the HECA conference in Cincinnati in June and the NACAC Conference in San Diego in late September.

Communication with students is an ongoing goal, and in addition to weekly and bi-weekly articles in the Roeper Record, I have sent email blasts through Blackbaud to parents and students. I became a “friend” of the Classes of 2015 and 2016 on Facebook, and posted a heads-up message for them to read the Roeper Record. Brian Durst has been helpful in helping students access their Roeper email accounts and have their Roeper email forward to the email they get on their phone. “Snagging” students as they walk down the hallway past College Counseling is still one of the most highly effective means of communications!

In addition to the above communications, the following presentations were made:

Fall College Night for Seniors and Parents with reps from U of M, MSU and Kalamazoo

Money for College Night with financial aid officers from U of M and Albion

Junior College Night presentations in fall for students and parents, and in late winter with U of M, MSU and Kalamazoo reps

Junior lunch time presentation on Essay Writing with Susannah Nichols and Kelly McDowell

One presentation each for parents and students in the 9th and 10th grades.

It remains an honor and a privilege to intersect with Roeper staff and with students as they continue on that great marathon of life they have begun here at Roeper. I am very much enjoying doing my part in continuing the tradition of the Roeper philosophy and how it plays out in the lives of students.

Respectfully submitted,

Patricia Bostwick, MA, LPC

Director of College Counseling

The Roeper School

Class of 2015–Where we are going:

Adam Alpert                                                      Columbia University

Shawn Anderson                                             University of Southern California

Elena Bakaluca                                                  School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Aaron Baker                                                       University of Michigan

Kyle Booth                                                          Purdue University

Orlando Bustos                                                 Gap Year Puerto Rico

Nick Cacevic                                                       Michigan State University

Bia Cassano                                                        Amherst College

Michael Deneroff                                            Northwestern University

Julia Eddy                                                           Vassar College

Courtney Fox                                                     Michigan State University (RCAH)

Jessica Frazier                                                   School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Logan Garlo                                                        University of Michigan

Anika Hunter                                                     Skidmore College

Riley Joliet                                                          College for Creative Studies

Rachel Keteyian                                                New York University Tisch School of the Arts

Adam Kochanowski                                        Purdue University

Max Labe                                                            Michigan State University

Armani Lee                                                         Michigan State University

Noah Linkner                                                     Lynn University

Matthew Masone                                           Dalhousie University (Canada)

Michael Matthews                                          United States Military Academy West Point

Fiona Maylath-Bryant                                    DePaul University

Emma McGlinnen                                            Kalamazoo College

James Murray                                                   University of Miami

Serena Newberry                                            Xavier University of Louisiana

Rory Nolan                                                          University of Michigan

JoAnne Ogundipe                                            Northwestern University

Zoe Raines                                                          University of Michigan

Noah Raminick                                                  University of California, Los Angeles

Alex Raveane                                                    University of Michigan (Honors College)

Ethan Rosenberg                                             New York University

Liam Rybicki-Kler                                              University of Chicago

Sophia Savas                                                      University of Michigan

Trace Sheerin                                                    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Eric Silver                                                             Western Michigan University

Ian Solomon                                                       Arizona State University

Chase Solys                                                        University of Michigan

Nolan Waters                                                    Landmark College

Kendra Watkins                                                University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Max Whipple                                                     University of Michigan

Kamaria Wilson                                                 Vanderbilt University




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