May 24


Elect With Respect March

At 3:15-4:30 on Thursday, May 26, the Roeper Middle School Student Government is sponsoring a march through Birmingham for all members of the Roeper community and their friends to advocate for political campaigning and discourse that is open-minded, respectful and supportive of people listening to and learning from each other. We will meet in the Birmingham gym at 3:15 to make signs for the march.

The signs will have slogans like:

  • Name calling doesn’t belong in politics
  • We students demand maturity in our politicians
  • Shouting less & listening more = better democracy
  • Talk with me not at me or about me or down to me
  • Sound bites and one-liners do not a discussion make
  • No one is too small to contribute or too big to listen
  • Ask questions before making up your mind
  • Roeper has taught me to be a citizen of the world
  • We can always respectfully disagree
  • Question authority & question your own beliefs

We invite you to walk with us and/or submit your  slogan ideas to Emma Wine.

Slogans should be for a more mature dialogue and process and not against, favoring or mentioning a particular candidate.


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