Nov 24


December 1 is coming!

A gentle reminder …

December is right around the corner!  In fact, it will happen the day we get back from Thanksgiving break!! Make sure to touch base with Patti if you are applying to a college with a December 1 deadline. 


College Counseling is Closed Until Monday

Remember, the College Counseling Office is closed over Thanksgiving Break. You are welcome to leave messages by email and at the office voice mail—we’ll return them when the office reopens Monday.  If you need transcripts sent, we will do that then. 

Some of you might have received a message like this one:

“We are completing our evaluation of candidates and are writing because your “College” application is missing the required application credential(s) listed below”.

Most commonly, they will tell you that they need your high school transcript. And here’s why:

–For Common App schools, you can see when your counselor and teacher letters were downloaded.  Regardless of when we submitted them, they are not downloaded to college admissions until you have submitted your part.

— For Non-Common App schools, when you submit your application electronically, but the transcript and counselor form are sent by mail, the admissions computer checks to see if your transcript has been “checked in”—In other words, if the transcript has been sent, scanned, uploaded and merged into their data base. The college email was sent to you as soon as they entered your application, so there may be a lag.

— If we sent your application by snail mail, it can take the college up to a month to open, then it is scanned and uploaded.  Thankfully, not too many applications are sent this way anymore.

–You also might want to verify that you actually asked College Counseling to send your transcripts and that you have turned in the required form—It may be called “Counselor Form,” “High School Report,”  “Transcript Release .Form,” or something like that. If you don’t find a form you need to check in with College Counseling and it can be sent with a cover letter.

95% of the time, the transcript is there waiting to be opened/downloaded. The rest of the time, the college will gladly wait for a second copy to be mailed or faxed. In any case, I’ve never had a student’s decision impacted by a transcript that wasn’t checked in. The main thing is not to worry, but to communicate!  The process will work!


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