Sep 27



I know you are probably worried that you missed the blood and book boats. Don’t worry; be happy – there remains lots of ways you can still win karma brownie points.

BAGS: We need lots of paper and plastic shopping bags for the book sale. You can drop them off in the foyer of the Steward Building or bring them the day of the picnic. We will be sorting Saturday morning between 9:00-11:00 so you could drop books and/or bags off then also.

HELPERS: We still need book sorters this afternoon (Friday) between 3:45-5:00 and

Sunday packing-uppers 4:00-4:30: As many as possible packer-uppers are desired so I can go home as soon as possible and take a nap.

I especially urge students and parents of the 6th and 7th grade communities to get involved as the money raised goes to help lower the cost of the 7th grade trip. So far, we have more L.S. parents and alumni and current teachers than students and parents of 6th and 7th grade. That’s strange and sad (this is what the experts call a”gentle reproach.”)

BLOOD: You can still make an appt to donate blood on Sunday by emailing ASAP. We would prefer you make an appt so we can try to make sure we don’t some periods packed and some empty but because we like you, we will let you be a walk-in.

Francesca and Swarna, our student blood drive coordinators, have offered to come to your house in the event you aren’t coming to the picnic with a large rusty nail, a turkey baster and a styptic pencil. You decide what’s better for you – a trained Red Cross volunteer with cookies or tetanus.

In related news, 7th grade students are urged to consider working at the Picnic with Sylvia at the 7th grade cookie decorating table. We don’t have many volunteers for this endeavor either. You can volunteer by emailing

Emery Pence


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