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The Birmingham campus will celebrate Earth Day on Thursday, April 21, 2016. Students will experience a morning of compelling workshops, a concert by an Ann Arbor-based sustainability band Appleseed Collective, and an afternoon of cross-campus activities: the middle school will travel to the Bloomfield Hills campus to read Olivia Bouler’s Olivia’s Birds with Stage I and II and share in an art project and haul wood chips; Stage III and Stage IV will come to the Birmingham campus to participate in environmental-themed activities with upper school students. The day is filled with learning and adventure. The students in the Roeper Sierra Club have done much planning for Earth Day and want to extend the adventure to include broadening each student’s palate.

Mid-day we are ambitiously planning to share an eco-friendly community meal as a campus with the intent of allowing students to explore environmentally-friendly, healthy food options. We are looking to feed 283-students a sampling of vegetarian and/or locally-sourced meat lunch options. Many websites are devoted to explaining the “hows” of Earth-friendly eating–much interesting reading (committing to locally grown food, eating more produce, avoiding chemicals).The school will provide some eco-friendly dishes for students. In previous Earth Day years, the faculty and parent community have also volunteered to bring in healthy, environmentally-friendly food dishes—salads, main dishes, side dishes, or desserts, such as fruit-kabobs, pierogis, rissoto, chips/hummus, vegetable dishes, or carrot cake (but NO NUTS). Roeper students have embraced this Earth Day meal as tradition.

Please consider signing-up to drop off, bring in an Earth-friendly dish on April 21, 2016—you do not have to cook or prepare to feed 283 students, but a dish that serves 10-12 students will collectively allow students to sample a variety of food options. Students absolutely love to be pampered with food—and, at once, this is a learning opportunity about health and lifestyle. We also need about TEN parent volunteers to help with set-up, serving, and clean-up from 10AM-Noon. Let Colleen Potocki know if you want to volunteer to help serve the community meal on Thursday ( or 248-631-7566). Volunteering allows for a neat chance to mingle in the school life of middle and upper school students. If you are able to share an Earth-friendly dish to be dropped off by 10AM, Thursday, April 21, 2016, please use the following link for sign-up:

Together we can feed students eco-friendly food and learning on the 21st. Your participation and generosity are much appreciated! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


Roeper Sierra Club, Laura Panek, Michelle Stamler, and Colleen Potocki


  1. Whete do we drop off the food?

  2. Please drop off food to the Main Office in Birmingham please.

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