Oct 27


Birmingham Campus Campaign and Election 2016

The U.S. Government class is conducting a mock campaign and election this week and next. Two parties, the Freedom Party and the Future Party, will advertise their positions on key national issues and present them at the Campaign Issue Presentation on Wednesday, November 2nd at the all-school assembly at the end of the day.

The following day, Thursday, November 3rd, there will be voting at various locations around the school. Precinct 1: 6-8 grade will be in the Library; Precinct 2: 9-10 grade will be in Susannah Nichol’s room; and Precinct 3: 11-12 grade will be in Matt Vallus’s room.

We ask you to keep open-minds and really think about what is posted around the school and said in the debate while making your decision on who to vote for. Questions can be directed to Meagan Konst and Emery Pence.

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