Dec 09


Aurora Thomas-Hagerman Completes Year Long Work of Art


This amazing sculpture was made by Junior Aurora Thomas-Hagerman. It has been a work in progress for a year for Aurora. Made of garbage bags and many small cut up pop cans, it represents her concern for ┬ápollution and the endangerment of fish in the ocean. According to her art teacher Tessa Stein, “It’s been such a dedication and the result is outstanding.” Tessa will be entering it in an important competition in January. Congratulations, Aurora!



  1. Congrats aurora!! It’s an amazing piece and you’re an amazing young woman!! Johanna and crres

  2. I am proud and amazed at Aurora’s accomplishment; using art to illustrate the impact of our human imprint on our sweet Earth and oceans. A piece of art that is thought provoking as well as clever and imaginative.

  3. Wow! What an amazing accomplishment.

  4. Aurora I am so proud of you you are an amazing talented girl and the piece of Art shows your interest in the earth we all live in

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