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American/Dutch Exchange Program

Roeper & Opus
American/Dutch Exchange Program

8th – 12th Grade Students

We invite you to participate in the 2015 American/Dutch Exchange Program!  Students and Host Families are encouraged to participate in this meaningful exchange.  

IMG_2100 cropIn May 2010, Roeper hosted a group of 11 teachers from Olympus College, Arnhem, The Netherlands.  They came to observe and interact with Roeper teachers, parents and students.   After many visits and conversation with Roeper, Olympus College developed a gifted program within its school called the Opus program. This program is based upon the writings and teachings of Annemarie and George Roeper.  Although this is a fairly new school, it is growing each year to accommodate the gifted population.  Many students travel great distance, including Germany, to attend the school.

A strong partnership between our schools continues to flourish and grow. As a result of this affiliation an exciting exchange program for our students has been in place since 2011.  The first group of Roeper students travelled to the Netherlands in March 2012 to live with host families and attended Opus school.  During their stay, they biked and travelled around exploring the picturesque Dutch countryside. Included in their travels were visits to towns such as Delft, Nijmengen, The Hook of Holland and Amsterdam.  Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, challenge them selves by adapting to a foreign environment and experience life through a new global perspective.


Dutch Visit Roeper: March 20 – 28, 2015

Roeper Visits Dutch: March 28 – April 5, 2015

If you are interested in applying, hosting a student or learning more about the exchange, please contact Tessa Stein at



  • Deadline for deposit is November 21.
  • Students in grades 8 – 12 are eligible to apply. All interested students will need to go through an application process to be eligible to participate.
  • Approximate cost for the trip is $2,200.
  • There is some financial aid available to assist families for travel, if necessary.
  • Although the trip is a reciprocal exchange, hosting a Dutch student is not mandatory.  We understand that some families, for various reasons, are unable to do this.
  • Olympus College / Opus Program

My experience being and hosting an exchange student was an amazing experience. When you host an exchange student it’s great because you get to have someone from a different country come to stay with you for a week. It’s great, because different countries have different ways that they do things so you get to learn a lot about their culture. Then after you host a student, you can be an exchange student yourself! It’s great being one because you get to actually live the life style that your exchange students told you about and it is very fascinating.” Roeper Exchange Student

IMG_0148 cropWe learned so much from our exchange student. She was so happy and excited to share in our family traditions. I believe our daughter has made a friend for life. Like most things in life when we give first it is always returned threefold.” Roeper Host Family

“Going to the Netherlands was definitely an eye-opener for me. There were so many differences between America and the Netherlands that I had no idea even existed. It was just very interesting to compare and contrast those things. I really enjoyed how we stayed in a host family home. It gave a personal perspective of the culture that I just wouldn’t have gotten if I had been staying in a hotel.” Roeper Exchange Student

“Truly, it has changed my life. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you letting me go this year. You’ve done something for me that not many people could, and this was a life changing experience. I will ever forget the people that I met there.” Roeper Exchange Student

“We thoroughly enjoyed hosting a Dutch student in our home. Our two children, 11 and 8, were thrilled to have a 13 year old “big brother” for a week. We had lots of great conversations that broadened our world view. Our kids are more excited than ever to travel and explore new cultures. Thanks, Roeper, for a great experience!” Roeper Host Family

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