Mar 29


6th Grader Nilanjan Roy Wins 1st Place at Science Fair


Nilanjan with board

Nilanjan recently won 1st place in the Physics category at the Detroit Science and Engineering Fair for his project,”Magnetic Field of an Electromagnet Can be Manipulated in Strength!” Abstract 

Nilanjan chose to do this project in addition to his 6th grade science class, working with Wendy Mayer during free blocks and once after school. Wendy teaches all of the intricacies of preparing a research project the 8th grade. Nilanjan said that a lot of things initially sparked his interest in science: “Well magnets and how helpful they are, like when you have magnets and they attract… and then physics like this thing (referring to an object that he drops) it drops, and this paper airplane, yeah, it’s like falling and that’s cool  because like, why isn’t it floating? I just don’t understand that.” The scientific language of a hardworking 6th grade science student!

Congratulations, Nilanjan!

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