Oct 29


1st Place People’s Choice Award goes to…

The 1st Place People’s Choice Award at the¬†Lawrence¬†Technical University’s Halloween Robot Parade goes to…

Lilly Richards and Maya McEntyre!


Lilly Richards and Maya McEntyre

The Garden of Hideous DelightsOur robot, The Garden of Hideous Delights, follows a black line on a white tabletop by reading the different light values with its light sensor. Using its ultrasonic sensor, it also stops when there is another robot in front of it, and then resumes running when there is room. On the green, grassy, surface of the trailer sits a monster box whose eyes flash green while rapidly gnashing its teeth. On either side of this lie numerous pumpkins. Behind the box a ghastly zombie head is on top of a barren, black tree. Two ghosts are opposite it, swaying with the movement of the robot. Surrounding the whole trailer is a brown picket fence, and even the backboard has five spooky murals on it. This is our first robot, and this event was a great opportunity to learn lots about robots and programming, and at the same time be creative and get into the Halloween spirit! – Written and submitted by Lilly Richards

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  1. As a Roeper parent, I’m so proud of you both.

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