Nov 29


Roeper Girls’ Basketball Update

Regretfully, Roeper will not be able to field a Varsity or Junior Varsity girls’ basketball team this year.  With a limited number of girls who have any basketball experience in the upper school, and of those some with unfortunate injuries, we were forced to opt out of this season.  The future is bright, however and I want to assure you that next year, and over the next several years, we have put a plan in place that will allow for growth, expansion, and success.

This year – Develop, Connect, and Inspire

Corray Lett, Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, has put together a schedule that will encourage growth and development at all levels.  Upper School athletes will continue to practice as a team with their coach. Middle School teams will be encouraged to practice with Upper School athletes to help create a connection among the grades and create a sense of emerging Upper School team.  And for those high school students with no background in basketball, special Upper School “development practices” will be offered throughout the winter and spring.  Corray will also be offering multiple free basketball clinics on Saturday mornings and after school for our elementary school, to help inspire and excite the younger base of our program.

Next year – Develop and Compete

We currently have over twenty girls participating in basketball in grades 4th -6th with some exceptional talent in 7th and 8th grade.  Next season we shouldn’t have a problem with numbers, but the team will be extremely young.  Consequently, a goal has been set of fielding a 20-game Junior Varsity schedule which will allow our girls to find success while competing at a level appropriate for both age and experience.

Two years out – Varsity

The girls should have a solid core with a good amount of game experience from the previous year. Competing in a 20-game Varsity season will be the goal with an ongoing commitment to strengthen our elementary and middle school programs.  Strengthening and growing our program from the ground up will be the key to help insure that a numbers drop will never occur again.

Three years out – Varsity and JV

With steady growth and stability from the ground up, we should be in position to sponsor both a Varsity and Junior Varsity program.  This is exciting news as the current trend for girls’ participation statewide in basketball is dropping, while we will be poised for growth.

Understandably, this transition time will indeed be frustrating for those girls directly affected by the lack of numbers currently in the high school.  It is important to look at the big picture, however, and understand this will be short lived.  Great things are just around the corner.  Not only will this plan restore the program to its earlier strength, but it will also stabilize it for future generations of Roughriders to come.

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