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Roeper Bowlathon – Rolls Around this Sunday!

Roeper Community It’s Time to Shake, Rattle and Bowl!

Ok. So we all know that bowling is the main event at the Bowlathon or rather, attempting to bowl.  But, what else happens?

50/50 Raffle– Always a favorite.  Cash is good.  Throw your money in the pot and see what comes back.

Mystery Draw– For bowlers of all ages – We draw a number.  You check your score.  If your score matches, you win!  On-going throughout the event.

Strike It Rich & Spare Change Contests– Special prizes for the most strikes and most spares.

Door Prize-Giveaways– Something to play with?  Something to wear?  Something to…well, you never know what you might get!

100 Club – For those younger bowlers who can conquer the big one double zero, they’ll receive a special Roeper “100 Club” button.   It’s not always easy, but those bumpers sure help.  Sorry, grown-ups. This is for kids only.

 Food – Grease and bowling go hand in hand.  How else do you think the ball can slide so far?  Two slices of pizza per bowler and a pitcher of pop will be delivered to each alley halfway through the event.  Still hungry?  Thunderbird offers an extensive menu of perfect for bowling munchies and meals.  And don’t forget, guests can also nibble on a goody or two from the annual bake sale.

Sunday, January 25th 2014 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Only $15 per Bowler* · includes shoes, two slices of pizza and pop
Thunderbird Lanes – 400 W. Maple in Troy

No Pre-Registration Needed!
Payment at the Door – Arrive at 1 pm to Sign-In – 5 to a Lane, Please
Check/Cash Only – Payable to: Roeper Athletics

Bowlathon Reminders

1. We have a bake sale.  If you feel like baking something, wrap pieces individually or place in small baggies.  Goodies are always appreciated!

2.  Bring a wrapped gift, if possible.  Packing need not be fancy!   Label the gift with the appropriate age (LS, MS, US, Adult) and gender.  Re-gifting is acceptable (i.e., new or gently used items that may not be your cup of tea, but others might enjoy.) We use these as giveaways.  Fun for all!

QUESTIONS? or Margaret & Iain Lanivich –
Sponsored by Roeper Athletics and the Booster Club

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