Aug 24

Congratulations to Our Atheltic Teams–Great Sports!

This summer I received a letter of commendation for our high school teams. The letter read, “The MHSSA would like to congratulate Roeper HS for receiving no negative officials reports of concern, ejection, or sportsmanship during the previous school year.”

The letter also included a sheet summarizing statistics from each school in the STATE. Data from over 530 schools was reported, and we were in the top 1%. Our achievement is rare, and our athletes and their coaches are to be commended.

Roeper is a remarkable school. I’ve watched teams compete in State finals. I’ve witnessed the joy we all feel when we win the Region or the District. Roeper teams compete. And it turns out that our competitive edge is fueled by an equal commitment to sportsmanship. Our philosophy of caring for individuals while we honor the whole, lives in everything we do.

Congratulations athletes, coaches, and parents.

You make me proud to be a Roughrider!

Lisa Baker
Upper School Director

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