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Middle School Forensics State Tournament

The Roeper Middle School Forensics Team competed in the MIFA Middle Level Fall State Tournament in Charlotte, MI on Saturday, November 19th, 2016. Many thanks to student coaches/judges/chaperones Kat Moore, Maddy Harner, and Ben Fisher for their expertise, time, talent, and organizational work! Thanks to Phe Bieneman & Ann Bieneman for judging. Thanks to coach & Administrative Assistant Andrew Brock, and coaches Jaffar Boumediene, Lianna Trimble, Jacob Moore, and Jen Martin, as well as most of the Roeper High School Forensics Team for their work with the middle school folk!

Congratulations, everyone! If anyone has a group shot of the forensics team or any group of students while performing, please send to Carolyn B.

Placements were as follows:

Jaanaki Radhakrishnan: 1st Place in Prose
Jai Singh: 1st Place in Impromptu
Michael Talbott: 1st Place in Poetry
Sydney Levy & Maya McEntyre: 1st Place in Duo
Clyde Granzeier: 1st Place in Original Interp
Kaili Osborne: 2nd Place in Storytelling
Clayton Adams: 3rd Place in Declamation
Ruby McKeever & Julia Raphael: 3rd Place in Duo6
James Heath: 4th Place in Impromptu
Alexis Richardson: 4th Place in Storytelling
Cameron Schemm: 4th Place in Poetry
Charlotte Silverstein: 4th Place in Poetry
Zion Johnson: 5th Place in Prose
Lucie Must: 5th Place in Declamation
Francis Allen: 6th Place in Extemp
Amina Thompson Semi-Finalist in Poetry
Danial Asmi: Semi-Finalist in Impromptu
Addy Gutowski: Semi-Finalist in Impromptu
Scarlett Shaya: Semi-Finalist in Dramatic Interp
Sophie Hirsch: Semi-Finalist in Dramatic Interp
Lily Richards: Semi-Finalist in Storytelling
Ava Bagne & Sophia Miliotto: Semi-Finalists in Duo
Kennedy McCarthy & Signe Smith: 2nd & 3rd in rounds, Duo
William Bieneman: 3rd in a round, Prose
Lillian Irish took her audiences on a long ride in the country in Prose.

Thanks to Michelle Blankenship for the photos!

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