Apr 16


LS Fine and Performing Arts Happenings

Current Happenings

  • Roeper’s annual lower school art exhibit is on display at the Baldwin Public Library (youth room) in downtown Birmingham until the end of April. The show includes a sampling of paintings, drawings, prints, and collages created by students.  Photo below.
  • Twelve Stage IV students are currently part of a class working with guest artist John Jasso and his assistant Sean Cahill. They are creating large shadow boxes informed by the aviary boxes of 20th century artist Joseph Cornell. The boxes are assemblages representing family and identity and are created with a variety of found objects. Some have movable and interactive components. A reception for the artists and their families will be held in May in The Tim Booth Art Studio in the Steward Bldg. John and Sean’s expertise and enthusiasm for this project have been very inspiring! (Photos below from Jarrie)

Stage I Art

  • Students observed and created drawings of Marshmallow (Jessica and Mercedes class rabbit) while exploring color paints. These Marshmallow pieces are planned to be hung in the Domes (pending fire marshal permission). Students have also been investigating clay, creating small creatures, bowls, snakes and more. Finally, students have further explored the element of color using printing ink and brayers to roll color onto bristol board. The primary colors intersected and magically transformed into secondary colors, creating vivid compositions.

Stage II Art:

  • After finishing our multi-media imaginary creatures on paper, Stage II artists constructed creatures out of clay.  A wide array of pieces that reflect the rich imaginations and interests of the children were created and have been fired (glazing is happening now).

Stage III Art:

  • Students are in the middle of an exciting study of architecture in  Class Art. Students created multi-media building inspired by architecture through the ages and imaginations. The students are now creating three dimensional architectural models using donated foam core, balsa wood and more using creativity and critical thinking.
  • Local Art Elective, Stage III: Inspired by a filed trip to Signal Return in Detroit, students created mono prints and are now working on accordion books. Look out for these pieces to be on display in the Steward Building after the Sign-Up.


Upcoming Events:

  • Stage IV Earth Dance class performance and Stage II dance/song performance at Earth Day assembly celebration on April 19th
  • May 23, All School Instrumental Concert

Teachers in the Spotlight:

  • Dance Teacher Amy Cova is the Guest Artist and her choreography is being performed April 13th-15th as part of University of Michigan Flint Annual Spring Concert.
  • Dance Teacher Amy Cova can be seen in a dance film currently showing at the Reyes Project Gallery in Birmingham.


Sumbitted by Rebekah Gruber, RPC LS Fine and Performing Arts Chair

art exhibit

Stage IV boxes
Stage IV boxes3
Stage IV boxes2
Stage IV boxes4

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