May 27


Visit the Domes Fairy Gardens

Domes and garden May 2016

Roeper is a special place, but Andi and Sarah’s class recently added a little extra magic. Andi explains…

Our class loves nature and had been talking about making a garden all year. Phil Arakelian, Grayson’s dad, offered to make us planter boxes to put outdoors. In the spring, Gina Adams-Levy heard about our wish to make a garden and wanted to assist us! She brought in supplies, helped us plant and taught us about gardening. Here is what our student Hope Carmona had to say about the experience:

“In the winter, Grayson’s dad Phil built flower boxes for us. He brought them in and we decided where we wanted them. In May, Gina brought in soil and peat moss for us so we could plant. We started making fairy houses out of milk cartons and decorated them so the fairies would love them as their fairy houses. Then, Gina brought us plants so we could get our hands all dirty and dig some holes. She even brought in mint and parsley! From beautiful flowers to giant Hostas, the fairies will love the garden plus have something to eat when they are hungry. We hope people visiting The Roeper School will love looking at our fairy gardens!”


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