Apr 29


USCF National Junior Chess Championships Results

The final results of our teams that played in the USCF National Junior Chess Championships in Atlanta, GA this past weekend are in!  The tournament included over 1,300 players from all over the Nation.  Congratulations to all of the Roeper Chess players.

K-9 Open – 15th place in the Nation

Blake Bottesi – 6th grader
Josiah Smith – 6th grader

K-9 Under 1250 – 10th place in the Nation

Zachary Hooper – 7th grader
Kayden Pierre – Stage IV yr 2
Aristide Gardette – Stage III yr 2
Bryce Bottesi – Stage III yr 2

K-8 Under 750 – 16th place in the Nation

Sam Kramer – Stage IV yr 2
Trevion Ross – Stage IV yr 2
Zion Johnson – Stage IV yr 2
Adam Levitt – Stage IV yr 2
Ethan White – Stage IV yr 1
Nick Keuten – Stage IV yr 1
James Sneyd – Stage IV yr 1

Kayden Pierre also received an individual award for finishing 13th in the nation in the K-9 Under 1250 division.



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