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May 18


The Year of The Healthy Self

The LS health program’s focus this year was on the Healthy Self, which is a three year project to promote a highly individualized health program specific to the Roeper Lower School developed by Roeper teachers, Michelle Lane and Wendy Mayer. This program is divided into three areas: The Healthy Self , Healthy Relationships and Healthy Environments.

This year the LS has focused and promoted topics such as drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, staying well during the winter months, exercise and eating well. Using guest speakers and special events throughout the school year The Healthy Self consolidates making good choices to lead a healthy and productive life.

The last of these events was a healthy breakfast offered outside the Duplex this morning.
It was a small “taste testing” of a collection of yummy breakfast options for kids. Samples of smoothies, fruit/yogurt/granola parfait and breakfast burritos were served and enjoyed by all!

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