Aug 23


Thank you from the Detroit Zoo

Preface:  Last spring, the Lower School community in general and the St. IV Leadership students in particular raised money to help endangered species.  We just received the following letter from the zoo.

Dear Roeper School,

On behalf of the Detroit Zoological Society’s board, staff, guests and especially the animals in our care, thank you for supporting the Detroit zoo fund.  The generosity of the students and families of Roeper in raising money to help the endangered Massasauga rattlesnake and axolotls is much appreciated.  Your gifts of $200.00 received on May 21, 2013 and $100 received on May 23, 2013 will help us deliver on our mission of Celebrating and Saving Wildlife.

Donations like yours do matter and make an impact every day!  Ever since we opened our gates 85 years ago, the Detroit Zoological Society has been committed to serving the metro area and serving wildlife.  As stewards of more than 3,300 animals and host to more than one million guests annually, we appreciate each and every donation.  Your investment provides an environment of learning opportunities and a lifetime of smiles.

Thank you again for making a difference.  Supporters like you strengthen the Detroit Zoological Society as a cultural and educational asset in the region and as a leader in the international zoological community.  Our animals and community will benefit tremendously from your generosity.


Erika Jones,  Individual Gifts Manager


P.S. from Emery:   If you do go to the Zoo, please try to spot the memorial/thank you paver that a Stage IV Leadership group placed for Annemarie Roeper.

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