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Student Voice: Build A Town

Build A Town
Roeper teachers offer many interesting special classes at the Lower School.  In Stage III, students get to select three special classes each signup.  Currently in the third sign up, Phaedon from Shannon and Jensen’s class (and my son), has been sharing a lot about Julie Nemchik’s class, Build A Town.

Here’s what Phaedon had to say. “We get to design our own buildings on the computer. Then we print them, cut them, and finally shape them. I got to make a gas station, a bus station, houses, and a dome house. After everything was made, we created a town called Little Einsteins Town, Est. 2016, and the other class named its town Bologna Sandwich Town, Est 2016. We placed our buildings anywhere we wanted in the town.”

IMG_4918 (1)

When Phaedon showed me the towns put together and passionately described all of the elements, I was inspired to share his story. I asked him what he would like to tell Stage III friends who haven’t yet taken the class. He replied, “The class makes me feel really happy. You should really sign up for Build A Town.  It is really fun.”

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