Jan 14


Stage IV and 8th Grade: See what’s next!

Parents and Guardians of Stage IV and 8th Grade Students-

As you prepare to ‘move up’ to the middle or upper schools, come take a look at what lies ahead!  On a guided walk-thru of the Birmingham Campus, meet Roeper students and teachers, and see them in action!

Please email or call 248-203-7433 to reserve an appointment on one of the following OPEN CAMPUS dates:

Jan 22                    Open Campus                   8:15-9:40am

Feb 5                     Open Campus                   8:15-9:40am

Feb 26                   Open Campus                   8:15-9:40am

Mar 26                  Open Campus                   8:15-9:40am

Apr 23                   Open Campus                   8:15-9:40am

May 21                 Open Campus                   8:15-9:40am

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