Jan 30


Roeper LS & US Students Perform in “The Wizard of Oz”

Wiz of Oz poster

Roeper Lower School student, Stella Shoha and Upper School students, Lauren Anderson and Cece Watry, are performing in the upcoming Project Daydream production of the Wizard of Oz.  Lauren is playing  the Wicked Witch and Cece is playing the Good Witch.  Stella is part of the chorus and plays a munchkin, flying monkey, jitterbug and citizen of Emerald city.  Performances will be the weekend of February 7th.

Tickets can be ordered HERE.

DISCLAIMER: “Note: This opportunity/organization is not sponsored or officially endorsed by The Roeper School. Periodically, the school becomes aware of opportunities that maybe of interest to members of the community and we will inform you of them. Please use your own judgment in determining whether you or your child(ren) take part or not.

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