Jul 08


Roeper Students Craft Blankets for ‘Alternatives for Girls’

Alternatives for Girls blanket photo 2

At this year’s last Lower School gathering before the annual WalkAThon, blankets were presented to Anna Weaver, representing Alternatives for Girls.  This was the fifth year of our initiative.  Roeper students (this year Stage IV students), teachers, alumni students and staff, family members and friends knitted and crocheted squares that were made into 16 beautiful blankets that will be distributed at their facility in Detroit.  A couple of special thank yous go to Ellen and Gloria’s class who knit 100 squares this year, and to a group of students from Elise and Paula’s class who learned how to assemble the squares into blankets and contributed these skills to the project.

We are very proud of the hard work and generosity of all the students and adults who participated in this project, and we encourage any Alternatives for Girls blanketsRoeper knitters and crocheters to donate a square to our ongoing initiative.


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