May 02


Roeper Receives E. E. Ford Foundation Grant

Roeper was recently selected as a recipient of a 2018 Educational Leadership Grant from The Edward E. Ford Foundation. This $250,000 1:1 matching grant will provide $500,000 in funding for a public-private school collaboration between Roeper School, The Roeper Institute and the Detroit Public Schools Community District. The collaboration will offer intensive professional development for a cohort of selected Detroit Public Schools and Roeper teachers. They will utilize local and national experts in gifted education who specialize in the design of successful models for developing the potential of low-income and culturally diverse gifted and talented students. This program idea was an outcome of the Roeper Institute’s Symposium last fall, “A Matter of Equity: How We are Failing High-Potential Detroit Schoolchildren and What We Can Do About It”.

David remarked that, “We know that gifted students are in all schools, and access to programs like Roeper’s is not possible for all gifted students. So how can we make a difference? How can we share resources and learn from each other? Through the leadership of the Roeper Institute and the generosity of the E. E. Ford Foundation, we are poised to significantly expand the impact of the Roeper mission and philosophy.”


  1. Congratulations! This does have great potential, seems eminently consistent with philosophies of The Roeper School.

    What is a good way to learn any more details about this program, and progress on accomplishments?

  2. Excellent! This is uplifting news. We are always encouraged when we see Roeper tackling issues of social class and income in such a direct manner.

  3. Great news! It’s this type of outreach that demonstrates the philosophy in action, well at the same time highlighting the notoriety and awareness of Roeper Institute as a marketable asset.

  4. We will share updates as they become available. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Lori Lutz, Associate Director of The Roeper Institute, at Thanks. We are really excited about this opportunity.

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