Dec 08


Roeper is Center Stage in Gifted Education

From 3-6 November, the National Association for Gifted Students (NAGC) held its annual conference in Orlando. Head of School David Feldman, Lower School Director Leslie Hosey, School Historian Marcia Ruff, and Latin Teacher Karen Johnson were in attendance and represented Roeper proudly through a variety of sessions during the convention.

Leslie Hosey was featured at a panel discussion on parent and family collaborative strategies for identifying and serving gifted African American and Hispanic/Latino students. Given the ethnic and cultural diversity of SE Michigan, this dimension of educational inclusion among the gifted student population at large is one that Roeper has both a fundamental philosophical commitment to and experience in actively promoting. Leslie’s expertise was a valuable addition to the panel with respect to this nationwide dialogue.

Joining several experts (Bob Schultz, Jim Delisle, Don Ambrose) closely aligned with the philosophy and educational mission of Roeper, David Feldman and Karen Johnson presented at an NAGC signature session focused specifically on the Roeper philosophy and legacy and what it means in a 21st century context. David and Karen shared anecdotes of the philosophy in action across grade levels and illustrated how our fundamental education beliefs are uniquely suited to gifted students as well as to the skills, knowledge, and mindsets required for success in a 21st century context. The session was both well attended and received, and it further elevated the vision of the Roeper School among like-minded educators.

Additionally, David Feldman and Marcia Ruff shared their wisdom and perspective on Roeper’s success as a school specialized in gifted education at a session designed for others in the field interested in starting and sustaining a school or program of their own. David and Marcia were joined by representatives from the Mirman School, the Knox School of Santa Barbara, and the Grayson School who all shared their experiences and commitment to specialized school environments for gifted children. Roeper has a highly respected reputation in this area, and there was a discussion following the session by many convention attendees interested in modeling our efforts.

Roeper has historically had a crucial relationship—through Annemarie herself and the legacy of her work—with NAGC and it was a pleasure and honor to represent our school on the national stage.


This photo includes people from the two oldest gifted schools in the country (Roeper and Mirman) and from the two newish schools (Knox and Grayson) From left: Third: David Feldman, Sixth: Marcia Ruff

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