Jul 14


Roeper Golf Outing Volunteer Request


4 “Hole Sitters” are still needed!

Each year, the Roeper Athletic Department hosts a Golf Outing in support of our deserving athletes. This year, the Outing is on Monday, August 7th at the Fieldstone Golf Club in Auburn Hills. It takes about 15 volunteers to ensure our golfers are treated to Roeper’s best this day.

There are a number of ways to help, from a few hours to the whole day. Especially fun are the “hole sitter” positions. That means you camp out near the designated hole while the golfers try to nail it on the first shot. Big prizes are at stake and we’ve lowered the yardage this year so the odds are in favor of the golfers! We’ve also added a “mystery challenge” hole that will require a little more interaction with the golfers so if you like to get up and move around, this is a great volunteer hole for you!

Please check out the schedule and feel free to contact us with any questions. Volunteers need to be 21 or older per the hole in one insurance specifications.

Volunteers 17 – signup

However you choose to get involved, we appreciate your support and consideration. It’s a beautiful course and a great cause, so… put your feet up and watch the action! Not a bad way to spend a summer day.

Sabrina Prevost, Outing Chair –
Gloria Despard, Athletic Dept. –

To participate in the Outing or learn more –


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