Jul 11


Roeper Fest Book Sale This Fall

Dear Roeper Community,

One of our great traditions is the Book Sale at Roeper Fest (the All-School Picnic). This sale benefits the 6th and 7th grade trips as well as a way we Roeperians can recycle books and other forms of media as well as picking some fantastic bargains.

We need your help.

1) Start culling your book collection and deciding what you can donate to the Roeper Book Sale. We don’t have any place for you to bring them now but right before school starts, we will announce collection points. If you absolutely can’t wait until late August to get rid of your books, please contact me (Emery).
2) Start saving your pennies, selling blood and knocking over liquor stores in order to build up a book sale fund so you can buy and carry off tons of great deals.

For more information, please contact me at Remember to save the date for this year’s Roeper Fest on Sunday, September 24.


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