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Oct 12


Roeper Exhibiting at DIA! Ofrenda for the Monarchs Oct 23-Nov 1

Roeper at the DIA

Congratulations to Stage IV students and staff who just got word that their proposed ofrenda in honor of the Monarch Butterflies has been accepted for inclusion in the 2015 DIA exhibit in partnership with the Mexican Consulate in Detroit.

What started out as an interest in the annual migration of the Monarch Butterfly to Mexico and participation in by a few Lower School teachers, evolved into a multifaceted interdisciplinary unit for our Stage IV students. The disciplines involved so far are art, humanities, math, science, Spanish and even P.E., where they have been playing a game called Monarch Migration!

The first event in this unit was at our Lower School Peace Day celebration with the release of the Monarchs that students had watched grow from from tiny caterpillars to butterflies in Michelle’s science room. The culminating event will be a trip to the Ford Museum to see the IMAX movie “Flight of the Butterflies”, enjoy an authentic lunch at Mexican Town and visit the Monarch Butterfly Ofrenda at the DIA!

Here is the description of Stage IV’s ofrenda from the proposal: Our ofrenda is dedicated to the Monarch butterfly whose incredible annual migration unites the North American countries of Canada, the United States and Mexico, but whose population in recent years is in decline… Students’ original paintings, prints, and sculptures of the monarchs and their habitat along with their written personal reflections are combined with traditional Día de los Muertos motifs such as calaveras and papel picado. Our ofrenda seeks to celebrate the discoveries we have made about this amazing creature, while raising awareness of the challenges it faces.

The ofrenda will be on display at the DIA from October 23rd to November 1st during normal museum hours.

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