Nov 13


Roeper Chess Club Challenges Grandmaster Manuel Leon Hoyos


Detroit City Chess Club and the Roeper Chess Club hosted a Simultaneous Chess Match with Grand Master Manuel Leon Hoyos recently at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Mr. Hoyos was a winner of national championships in Mexico and the United States and the first Mexican player to earn a FIDE (World) rating over 2600 in a simultaneous chess match. They invited some of the region’s most talented young chess players including three Roeper students, Wesley Billings, Henry Billings and Noah Gibbs who were selected by our chess coach Bryan Williams.

The students sat at long tables and Mr. Hoyos walked around and made his move against each student and continued around to each student. He shook hands with each student before their first move and then when their game was concluded.

So, as you can imagine, the students had a long time to wait to think about their next move! They also used the time to observe other games. The entire match took about 4 hours. In spite of that, one of our students, when asked for a comment, said, “It was very fun.” and that he would definitely do it again.

None of the children in attendance beat the Master, but one tied. Wesley Billings was the third from last to be eliminated! That is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations, Wesley!

Congratulations to all of our chess stars!







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