Nov 26


Roeper Board of Trustee Member Recommendations

The Roeper Board of Trustees is accepting recommendations for future Board members.    If you know of someone that would provide expertise, leadership and value the Roeper philosophy, please submit their name to Carri Hammers at  Trustees do not need to be constituents of the school.

The Board of Trustees is the guardian of the School’s mission and philosophy. The Board is organized on a non-stock, directorship basis, under the Michigan Non-Profit Corporation Act. Articles of Incorporation and corporate bylaws describe and guide board operations. The members of the Board of Trustees elect officers to govern the management of the Board. The Board’s responsibilities specifically include hiring and evaluation of the Head of School, approving the annual budget, and strategic planning. While the Board oversees the management of the business and affairs of the School, the Board is careful not to impinge upon the roles of the school’s administrators, and acts as a support to, and resource, for the Head of School and administration. 

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