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Reflections on Roeper: New Family Feedback

Have you ever wondered what new parents and students say about Roeper ?  When you first came to Roeper, how did you feel?  Does Roeper mean the same thing to this year’s new families as it did to new families’ years ago?  Now that we are a third of the way into the school year, I thought it was a great time to hear what our new parents and students have to say about The Roeper School.

Jaime Pfeffer, mother of Stage II student Bree Pfeffer, shared her thoughts on what makes Roeper special:

“Along with Roeper’s top-notch teachers, welcoming community, multitude of extracurricular activities and diverse programs and academics, it is the almost-indescribable element of magic present within this school and community that truly makes it the extraordinary, amazing, special place it is.

Although not visible to human eyes or ears, there is no doubt this special ingredient is there: it thrives in the Big Dome, when I pick my daughter up from after-care; it blooms on the Upper School campus where my daughter and I wait for the bus every morning; it sings and plays in the fellowship at special events; and, it glides and dances through the hallways and classrooms every day! It is joyful, it is delightful, it is wonderful … it is Roeper!”

New students love being at The Roeper School and also shared their sentiment with me:

“I hate weekends because school is closed.  It’s boring with no school.” – Stage III student

“I’ve never been at a school before where I don’t want to leave.” – Stage IV student

“I love it – it’s really great!” – Stage II student

“[Our teachers] are generous with their time – they take everything into consideration.” – Stage IV student

“All of school is fun!” – Stage II student

Many Stage IV students noted the freedom they have and how it is very different from their past schools.  They appreciate the trust given to them, but acknowledge that with freedom comes responsibility.

Overall, all the parents and students I talked to were excited and extremely happy to be at The Roeper School.  They felt the school was just like it was described to them, or even better.  They were certainly glad they made the decision to come to Roeper.

If you know of a child who would benefit from Roeper, please invite them to an Open House.  Our upcoming Lower School Open Houses are: December 3rd and January 14th at 9:00.  The next Middle & Upper School Open House is on Sunday, February 2nd at 1:00.  We greatly appreciate your referrals as they are one of our best sources of new students.

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