Sep 25


Please donate to Gleaners!!

IT IS NOT TO LATE TO HELP: The Roeper Community Gleaners Food Drive is going on right now and will end at the All-School Picnic. The presence of great hunger in our community should hopefully do two things: start school and home discussions about why the richest nation on the globe has hungry people and also motivate everybody to bring in boxed and canned food.

If you want to donate Thursday and Friday, you may drop off:

Bloomfield campus: Laura’s and Scott’s Stage IV homeroom or in the corner of the foyer (between the two sets of front doors) of the CCB,

Birmingham campus: Laura’s & Kelly’s homeroom or Sylvia’s & Emery’s homeroom or a collection box on the pew just as you turn right from the doors on the Main Floor (by College Counseling).

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