Nov 19


Phone Free Friday

cell phone dropOn Friday, 101 Middle and Upper School students engaged in the optional exercise of  giving up their phones for the day. Students elected to drop off their phones upon arrival at school or leave them at home. This idea was initiated and implemented by the Student Government who have been working with Upper School teacher, Regis Carozza on planning events for the day which included activities throughout the day such as meditation, Tai Chi and various games.

Leading up to this initiative, the Student Government researched the potential harmful effects of cellphone usage on teenagers and presented a statement to the school body. Upper School Student Homeroom discussions have been held to heighten awareness of the issues involved and on Wednesday during homeroom, students completed a “Technology Wellness Survey” and met in small groups to take a “Technology Saviness Quiz”.

Moderator of the Upper School Student Government, Hannah Wedepohl said that “the most important outcome of today’s experience is for students to become more aware about what picking up their cell phone means. This is a school wide inquiry on how we use technology throughout the day and how we feel with and without our phones. The goal isn’t to ban phones, it is to take the first step into starting the conversation about technology usage in our community”.

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